I am a BFA graduate from Pratt Institute, specialized in 3d Computer Animation. I have been working as a Design Specialist for Center Stage Productions since 2011. I am responsible for their 3d modeling, technical drawing & schematic and CNC programming & machining operation for their in-house production as well as their design, rendering, compositing & animation work for client presentations.


I am a versatile, analytical and creative thinker with strong interpersonal skills, and a very quick and eager learner of new challenges. I also have extensive experience in working successfully in different environment as a team or as individual. I have experienced in research, concept, organization and execution to deliver under pressure in strict deadlines and requirements. I have also learned to face challenges and create innovative solutions and alternatives to these problems. My success in the past has stemmed from my strong work ethic, serious commitment and sense of professionalism.  I have also developed a strong eye for detail and a unique perspective and sense of producing good work. I keep high standards for my work and am known for my ability to follow through.